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Discover Dr G, the Black Goddess Within Oracle and some of the women who co-created the deck.  

I need a deck!
Text at the top reads Connect with Your Ancestral Wisdom. Below that, slightly to the right of center is Dr. G, a black woman. She is pictured from the chest up. Covering the background is a closeup photo of a green leaf. To the left of her is a circle photo of a baobab tree with an orange spiral behind it. Dr. G is smiling and looking directly at the viewer, her hair is in locs, curled and up to the side, one side of her head is shaved. She is wearing white cowrie shell earrings that dangle on the sides of her neck, she has a small piercing in her left nostril and small silver hoops in her ear lobes and upper ears. She is wearing light makeup and orange traditional African printed tank top dress.There are banana leaves and orange flowers in the lower corners of the images.
spiral Ammonite fossil with orange burst lines coming out from behind it on the top left half.

Connect with your Ancestral Wisdom

And Discover Your Belonging.



Belonging is a sense of security and support. 

It's a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity.


Your sense of Belonging has been sabotaged throughout history by deliberate ruptures in your Ancestral lineages. 





Maybe you never had the chance to know your history (colonialism - the Black sacred feminine was erased), or...


you were taken from it (enslavement), or...


your history was hidden from you (the erasure of critical race theory), or... 


The systems are set up to make you forget...and it is NOT YOUR FAULT.
A color photo of a the left facing profile of a dark skinned black woman with her hand at her cheek and long curly hair. She is in dark shadows and has highlights on her face and fingers. Behind her face making a capsule shape is a gold sun.

Belonging transforms us.

It gives us purpose, resilience and clarity of values.



more confidently,

more carefree,

more victoriously…


Healing the Ancestral ruptures by reconnecting with your ancestral wisdom will support you in activating your belonging.


Learn How To Reconnect With Your Ancestral Wisdom
A photo of a gray river stone sitting atop the center of two circles in a burnt orange calligraphic lines.

The good news is:


No matter why the rupture happened, you have a whole ancestral posse at your back waiting to guide and support you.



Remembering our ancestors connects us to the medicine in our roots. 


It helps us understand where we come from. 


This knowledge of our heritage provides a sense of identity and belonging.


You can access and ignite the ancestral wisdom that already lives within you.


Maybe you can feel this in your bones?

It's because it was in their bones, too.


Learn more about this connection in the Reunion Community
A color image of the continent of Africa in greens, browns and yellows is above a sea with swirling waters and clouds in white. There is a bright gold star emanating from the center of the country. The image is surrounded with a Black border with a gold line in it. Below the circular image is a rectangular swath of gold foil and above it to the left are golden burst lines peeking out from behind.

My teacher, Ancestor Malidoma Som√©, taught that¬†our ancestors need us to do their work and we need them to tend the fires ‚Äď our vision, passion and dreams ‚Äď within us.




And like any other living thing that needs tending, the more you nurture this connection, the more you will benefit. Your container will strengthen, the ancestral messages will come through with more clarity, and you will create an unbreakable bond with your lineage wisdom.


It is a practice that alchemizes.

A pair of Black hands are pressed together at the wrist, palms facing upward, an making a cup-like shape. Above them in the center is a moth with tan, off white and dark brown wings with circles of orange, peach and black. Below the hands a few down the arm is a branch with green leaves sitting horizontally across.

My Medicine Is To Help You Remember 


Utilizing the wisdom of the Black Goddesses, Divination and Community, I support you in exploring what it means to:

  • Revision¬†your medicine

  • Tend¬†to your indigenous heart, and

  • Live¬†your ancestral wisdom in a colonial world.



I know that our ancestors hold a wealth of wisdom, guidance, and love that can shape our lives in remarkable ways. 


Ancestral wisdom comes from their struggles, triumphs, traditions, and values that have been passed down through generations.


By honoring and connecting with them, we tap into a powerful source of support and protection. We unlock the keys to our own personal growth and spiritual evolution.


Our shared history forms a foundation upon which we build our own lives, creating a sense of continuity and connection with those who came before us.



There is an image of an altar with a nude black woman carving holding a basket above her head with one arm in the center. Behind the figurine is to the left is a wide red candle with a lit wick. Behind that candle is a branch with green leaves. In front of the carving is a dark colored bowl with incense burning, and a pile of small cowrie shells in front of it. There is a large white spotted cowrie shell in front to the left, a cone shaped glass behind it filled with seeds. On the right of the statue is a squared glass of water, with a woven African woven basket with a conical top in front of it and an orange carnelian stone to the right.
In a circle with a thin white border is a closeup color photo of Panda, a medium skin toned Black woman with dark purple lipstick and black cat-eyed eyeliner. She is wearing contemporary metal framed rounded oversized aviator eyeglasses. Her eyes are brown and her brows are sculpted in a slightly rounded shape with a slight gap in the right brow where a piercing might be worn. She has large dark hoop earrings, a nasal septum ring and a shaved head.


‚ÄúThis investment in yourself and your well-being allows you to do and be better at all the things that life demands of you. I mean, definitely you're worth it.‚Ä̬†

This is not just a course…it’s a community and healing and just radical self care and empowerment. And now I just feel like I can take up space. I've done so much more for myself, for my business, just being brave, and being bold and being black and being here, and it's just been absolutely life-changing.


A panoramic photo of 23 smiling Black women standing together in colorful clothing, headpieces and scarves. They are wearing the clothing for their Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck photo shoot and are standing outdoors in front of the studio.

Unlock the Secrets of 

Ancestral Communication

Create a Meaningful Connection with Your Ancestors. 



In the Black Goddess Reunion Community  


  • Establish clear and consistent communication with your ancestors
  • Shake the feelings of isolation, alienation, loneliness and fracture¬†
  • Break free from unexplained cycles of challenge, and
  • Easily transition from one life stage to the next.



  • Struggle with feeling like you don‚Äôt belong.
  • Long for a spiritual connection ‚ÄĒ but haven‚Äôt found a spiritual community that feels like home.
  • Feel isolated and alone.
  • Are disconnected from Spirit and¬†your ancestors.
  • Feel plagued by self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.
  • Are stuck in patterns repeating past humiliations, losses and traumas.
Learn More About the Black Goddess Reunion Community
A headshot of Dr. G, a black woman, smiling and looking directly at the viewer with her head titled to the side. Her hair is in locs, curled and up to the side, one side of her head is shaved. She is wearing slightly cat eye style eye glasses and white cowrie shell earrings that dangle on the sides of her neck. She is in front of a burnt orange textured background with an off white graphic burst behind her. She is wearing light makeup and orange traditional African printed tank top dress.


Hello! I’m

Dr. Giavanni Washington


I help Black women feel at home in their skin so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.



  • Discovering their long-held dreams are manifestations of ancestral seeds planted long before their births
  • Replacing shame by turning to their ancestral roots for guidance, healing and protection
  • Finally trusting their intuition
  • Unapologetically taking up space by being brave and being bold
  • Finding that elusive missing piece and completing the puzzle of their authenticity
A white cowrie shell with brown speckled top is sitting on its side so the opening is facing forward.

Strengthen your belonging.

Ways to work with me:

Over a textured blue toned background there is a pair of a Black person's hands making a heart shape together at a slight diagonal. In front of the hands in the center of the heart is text that reads Black Goddess Reunion over a green swish of paint and a faint graphic starburst behind it. Peeking out below is an orange and purple Bird of Paradise flower. Behind the hand in the upper right is a large light green plant leaf and behind the lower left hand in the corner are darker large plant leaves and a purple flower.


An online community hub that offers goddess workshops, oracle deck readings, Goddess Councils, happy hours, and the Black Goddess library.

I want to come to the Reunion!
The background is a closeup photo of a very dark green plant leaf. In front at the top center is an image of a Black persons hands held out toward the viewer together as cupping water. The nails are manicured in a pale pink color. Inside the cupped hands is text that reads Ancestral Alchemy over a silvery swish of paint. Below the hands is text that reads It's Time To Come Home To Yourself. Below that text is a logo that says Presented By Black Goddess Within.


1:1cowry shell divination experience derived from the Dagara tradition in Burkina Faso, helps you access ancestral wisdom, guidance and support.

I want guidance from my Ancestors!
The background is a closeup photo of a medium green leaf. At the top is a logo that says Black Goddess Within Presents. In the center of the image is a black person's hand coming from the left side with it's palm facing upward in a cup. It has white manicured fingernails. Above the cupped hand is text that reads Liberation Alchemy over a swish of gold paint and with a faint graphic starburst behind it. Above and to the left of the center image is a hummingbird pictured from the side with it's beak to the right. Below it, behind the wrist or the hand, is a poufy coral tropical flower. In the lower right corner of the image is another poufy coral tropical flower.


A group program blending the wisdom of the Black Goddesses, ancestral healing and a restorative community to create liberated healers.

I want to live from Liberation!
A circle shaped headshot of Rebecca is outlined in a thin white line. Rebecca is a Black woman with medium skin tone who is looking directly at the viewer. She is photographed outside and her wavy dark brown hair is parted to the side and blowing  a bit. She is wearing cat eyed clear plastic framed eyeglasses and smiling slightly, wearing slightly reddish natural lip color and a turquoise colored scarf..




"It's the MOST PROFOUND experience!"


"The power of this space is extraordinary. It's a portal.  When you get people together, that is the sacred magic. My whole understanding of what's possible shifts when I'm in this community that has given me access to an infinite galaxy of possibility.

It is such a unique and powerful space."


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