There is an image of an altar with a nude black woman carving holding a basket above her head with one arm in the center. Behind the figurine is to the left is a wide red candle with a lit wick. Behind that candle is a branch with green leaves. In front of the carving is a dark colored bowl with incense burning, and a pile of small cowrie shells in front of it. There is a large white spotted cowrie shell in front to the left, a cone shaped glass behind it filled with seeds. On the right of the statue is a squared glass of water, with a woven African woven basket with a conical top in front of it and an orange carnelian stone to the right.

Dr. Giavanni Washington

Hi, I’m Dr G!


I am on an Ancestral mission to make the world safer for Black bodied people.


I am the daughter of Rhonda Cheryl, granddaughter of Emma Louise (we called her Precious), and great-granddaughter of Laura Mae. For at least 4 generations my people were in Alabama and Texas, the Deep South of the United States. Escaping oppression, my grandparents on both sides moved to California in the late 1940s. I am a second generation Californian and guest on the lands of the Tongva, Gabriele√Īo, and Kizh.


I grew up in Los Angeles, a city that is home to people who speak more than 250 languages and boasts diversity like very few places in the world. I spent the first half of my life actively seeking, exploring other cultures, and learning other languages (I can get down in Spanish and Portuguese, and if there is no other option, I can communicate minimally in French).  


I’ve spent the second half of my life trying to learn about my own culture and ancestry. 


I have studied African diasporic ancestral percussive healing traditions from countries such as Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea, Jamaica, Kenya, Senegal, Trinidad, Uganda and the United States.

A full length body shot of Dr. G standing on a layered stone bench, surrounded by lush plants and greenery. Her arms are akimbo and she is looking at the viwer wit hher head slightly titled and a playful smile on her face. She is wearing a sleeveless orange, green African print jumpsuit with drop style pants and billowing triangular skirt like panels on the sides. She is wearing large flat circle and semicircle earrings and her hair is styled in curled locs with one side of her head shaven.


In addition to leading my own spiritual wellness company, Black Goddess Within, I have a background in biology, epidemiology and ethnography.


I formerly served as Executive Director of the Viver Brasil Dance Company, which honors Brazil’s African legacy through contemporary dance theater.



To create the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck, I led a group of Black women through a transformative healing process while on retreat, culminating in a photo shoot of each participant meeting the Goddess.


The deck’s 29 Goddess cards and 15 Ancestral Wisdom cards are a collaborative labor of love, liberation and spiritual inclusivity celebrating contemporary women of various sizes, shades, abilities, and sexual orientations.



Meet Your Black Goddess Within.




An online community hub that offers goddess workshops, oracle deck readings, Goddess Councils, happy hours, and the Black Goddess library.

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1:1cowry shell divination experience derived from the Dagara tradition in Burkina Faso, helps you access ancestral wisdom, guidance and support.

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A group program blending the wisdom of the Black Goddesses, ancestral healing and a restorative community to create liberated healers.

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