Calling all Black Therapists, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Leaders & Other Professionals.





Are you ready to live your deepest truth?


We'll help you liberate yourself from societal expectations, reconnect with your ancestral wisdom, and discover a fulfilling path to personal and professional empowerment in just six transformative months.



I Want To Create My Liberation Now!

Calling all Black Therapists, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Leaders and Other Professionals.




Are you ready to live your deepest truth?


We'll help you liberate yourself from societal expectations, reconnect with your ancestral wisdom, and discover a fulfilling path to personal and professional empowerment in just six transformative months.

I Want To Create My Liberation Now!
A headshot of Dr. G, a black woman, smiling and looking directly at the viewer. Her hair is in locs, curled and up to the side, one side of her head is shaved. She is wearing white cowrie shell earrings that dangle on the sides of her neck. She is in front of a glowing pale pink and gold textured gradient background on the left two thirds and a textured bronze background on the right third. There is off white graphic burst and a branch with green leaves behind her. She is wearing light makeup and orange traditional African printed tank top dress.

Does This Sound Familiar?


You long to live a fulfilling life ‚Äď one aligned with your spiritual values and cultural identity ‚Äď but you're chained to a job for security, leaving you feeling underappreciated and overlooked.


Let's face it‚ÄĒthere's nothing more frustrating than striving for "Black Excellence," earning all the degrees, getting the promotions, and buying the house with the picket fence and dog, only to feel like you're perpetually on the outside, never truly embodying the power and peace you crave. ¬†


And there's nothing more disheartening than feeling isolated at the top‚ÄĒonly to have your efforts minimized and your need for community unmet.¬†¬†


You know the benefits of integrating spirituality into your daily life. Maybe you've even tried spiritual wellness retreats, read self-help books or attended empowerment workshops. 


But upon return to work, you feel as forlorn and bereft as before:


- You're tired of facing microaggressions at work

- You're exhausted by the constant need to prove yourself

- You're tired of feeling isolated as one of the few Black folx in your field

- You struggle with balancing your professional demands with your personal and spiritual needs

- You find it difficult to connect deeply with your cultural and spiritual roots in a secular corporate environment, and

- You wonder if you will ever feel soul-satisfied






Other people make it look easy.


But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that getting that degree or that job was going to be the hard part, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.




Most Black professionals feel like they‚Äôve ‚Äúdone everything right and there‚Äôs got to be more to life than this!‚ÄĚ


The truth is that achieving a life of purpose, where you are not just surviving but thriving, is a game changer. Doing so will bring you joy, fill you with energy, and provide profound peace.



Lack of culturally relevant support that addresses deep-seated social issues, feeling isolated in your struggles, and not having a dedicated space to explore and express your spirituality. 



But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?

A headshot of Dr. G, a black woman, smiling and looking directly at the viewer with her head titled to the side. Her hair is in locs, curled and up to the side, one side of her head is shaved. She is wearing slightly cat eye style eye glasses and white cowrie shell earrings that dangle on the sides of her neck. She is in front of a burnt orange textured background with an off white graphic burst behind her. She is wearing light makeup and orange traditional African printed tank top dress.


Hello, I'm Dr G!


My journey to creating Liberation Alchemy is deeply personal and professionally backed by over two decades of dedication to decolonizing practices and cultural restoration. As a Black woman, daughter, wife, and mother, I’ve been where you are, feeling disconnected and undervalued, despite all my accolades and achievements. I have navigated the complex landscape of living in a Black body in spaces that often fail to recognize our divinity and joy.


In addition to my academic pursuits (I have 2 masters’ and a PhD), I am a healer who comes from a long line of educators and medicine women. This unique blend of academic rigor and ancestral wisdom equips me with the insights necessary to guide others on a path to personal and collective liberation.


Our bodies and spirits bear the weight of historical narratives that have too often been levied against us. Through Liberation Alchemy, I invite you to join a community dedicated to unraveling these narratives, reconnecting with our ancestral roots, and celebrating the beauty and power inherent in our heritage. 


In this pilgrimage, we don’t just learn about liberation; we live it, just as the strong women in our families have done through generations, regardless of their circumstances. Join me, and let's embark on a journey to reclaim your power, purpose, and peace, standing up for the beauty and divinity of our bodies and spirits in a world that is just beginning to recognize our light.

I'm Ready To Turn Good To Gold!



Imagine going to bed each night with your heart overflowing with joy, knowing that you’ve lived fully and on purpose, expressed your deepest truths and honored the sacredness of your cultural heritage.




  • Full connection with your ancestral wisdom, enriching your personal life and enhancing your professional decisions.
  • Freedom from the pressures of "Black excellence" as society defines it, allowing you to define success on your own terms.
  • A strong, supportive community that understands and shares your experiences and struggles.
  • An integrated spiritual practice that makes you feel whole and aligned every day.
  • Career advancement that respects your cultural identity and personal values.¬† ¬† ¬†
A circular photo of a young medium dark skin tone Black woman's profile with her head tilted back slightly, eyes with long lashes closed and a joyous smile. Her hair is in rope twisted locks and is up in a large bun atop her head. She is wearing a light peach tank top and large silver hoop earrings. Behind her in the photo is a large green plant leaf filling the background. In front of the photo across the bottom is a swathe of gold foil. Behind the photo are graphic starburst lines and a slightly larger off center bronze textured circle.
Headshot photo in a circle of Natalie, a medium skin toned Black woman show from the waist up with her head resting on two stacked cork yoga blocks. She is looking at the camera smiling, with one eye partially covered with her golden reddish brown curly hair. She is wearing a black tank top and multi-colored leggings.



"I've gotten more healing out of this program than ALL my therapy sessions put together!"


"This experience has been more healing and empowering than I ever imagined. I've gotten more healing out of it than ALL of my therapy sessions put together.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the material, the preparation, and most of all, the safe container that's been created for us all to share openly, honestly and freely. Thank you Dr. G!"

The background is a closeup photo of a medium green leaf. In the center of the image is a black person's hand, outstretched, coming from the left side with it's palm facing upward in a cup. It has white manicured fingernails. Above the cupped hand is text that reads Liberation Alchemy over a swish of gold paint and with a faint graphic starburst behind it. Above and to the left of the center image is a hummingbird pictured from the side with it's beak to the right. Below it, behind the forearm, is a poufy coral hibiscus flower. In the lower right corner of the image is another poufy coral hibiscus flower.



LIBERATION ALCHEMY is a transformative pilgrimage to help you achieve personal and professional liberation in just six months. 


Recognizing the gap between professional success and spiritual fulfillment, Liberation Alchemy was originally created to help Black professionals step into their power.


I saw a deep need for a space where Black folks could reconnect with their ancestral wisdom, honor their heritage, and find community.


So far, hundreds of people have worked with me and have achieved greater work-life balance, increased their income up to 10x, and enjoy a renewed sense of joy and purpose. 


If you are a Black professional tired of being looked over, looked past and looked through, this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss.


Restorative community is the balm for these wounds. 

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A circle shaped headshot of Rebecca is outlined in a thin white line. Rebecca is a Black woman with medium skin tone who is looking directly at the viewer. She is photographed outside and her wavy dark brown hair is parted to the side and blowing  a bit. She is wearing cat eyed clear plastic framed eyeglasses and smiling slightly, wearing slightly reddish natural lip color and a turquoise colored scarf..



"It's the MOST PROFOUND experience!"


"The power of this space is extraordinary. It's a portal.  When you get people together, that is the sacred magic. My whole understanding of what's possible shifts when I'm in this community that has given me access to an infinite galaxy of possibility.

It is such a unique and powerful space."

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Weave the sacred tapestry of the Black Goddesses, Ancestral Wisdom, and Restorative Community...for your Liberation.


WHAT SETS Liberation Alchemy APART?


Unlike any program you’ve encountered before, Liberation Alchemy, is centered on the profound wisdom of Black Goddesses and connects us back to our ancestral roots.


It’s crafted with a decolonial approach that not only enlightens but also helps you release pent up racial tension and the remnants of colonialism, patriarchy and white supremacy embedded in your daily experiences.


Those who work with me understand that oppression is baked into the foundation of this country.


They know that the powers-that-be have conspired to keep us spiritually disenfranchised…and away from the warm embrace of the Black Sacred Feminine. 


I gently help them shake free from the shackles of fear, doubt, worry and lack.   




We do this by following the 3 Pillars of Liberation Alchemy:


Black Goddesses

An image of Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck card of Goddess Bunzi. She is a Black woman standing on a rock above a multicolored snake in front of a waterfall and a rainbow in a forest. She is holding a large sword with her right hand and it is resting on her shoulder. She is looking to the right with one eye covered by her long dark brown and highlighted hair. She is wearing a black tube top and asymmetrical long skirt with a waist long multi strand multicolored necklace. The number 7 is in gold in the to[ left corner of the card and behind it is a textured gold radiating sun.

The Black Sacred Feminine Is A Site Of Resistance. 


There is no more powerful representation of this than the Black Goddesses. They will show you how to metabolize ancient memories in order to embrace your historical power as a Black Woman. You will learn to harvest their ancient wisdom in your contemporary life so that you can create a legacy of healing. Uproot colonialism, patriarchy and white supremacy from your body and lived experience by transforming your lineages, repairing old wounds, and embodying your deepest gifts.


 Ancestral Wisdom

An image of Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck card called Memory. It shows two dark skinned young black women holding one hand, facing each other and leaning back at the waist. They are wearing traditional African print skirts and halter tops/dresses. Their hair is hanging down in long dark dread locks. The background is a purple, red and gold streaked sunset sky with a tree in shadow on the left and a pale violet beam of light above their gripped hands.

Ancestors Speak To You In Ways You Can Understand. 


You contain the sum total of the lived experiences of your forebears.
To understand yourself, you must understand them. Tapping into the wisdom of your Bloodline, Milkline and Spiritline Ancestors, you will learn how to wield their ancient wisdom in your modern life. 
Leaning into ancestral communication methods like altars, divination and dreaming, you will, with the guidance of your ancestors, chart your unique course to Liberation. This looks like breaking free from the stuck places, cultivating a deep understanding of your innate healing abilities, and rooting yourself in belonging.


 Restorative Community

An image of Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck card called Celebration. It shows a round grass hut under a bright blue sky with white clouds. In front of the hut are a group of five Black women in white head wraps and strapless dresses dancing in celebration. They are surrounded by many different Black people wearing brightly colored clothing, smiling and looking both toward the dancers and at the camera.

 We Are Not Meant To Do This Alone. 


Community is a critical component of any transformative process. A restorative community acts as a mirror, reflecting your wholeness back to you, while lovingly holding you accountable. In the Liberation Alchemy community you will unlock your innate ability to create home and wholeness anywhere. You will bathe in belonging. A strong sense of belonging yields improved physical health, increased cognitive functioning, enhanced mental health and better self-esteem. Being in community also transforms you on a spiritual level. You will gain resilience, purpose, and clarity of values. You will be seen, heard, held and celebrated!

A circular headshot of Felicia. A Black woman with medium dark skin tone, smiling and looking directly at the camera. She is wearing a green and blue patterned head wrap and green dangling circle earrings. Her sparkling brown eyes are offset with dark cat eye liner and a natural lip color.


‚ÄúThe Black Goddesses help me keep myself centered and break away from the binds of colonialism.‚ÄĚ


"The Goddess Activation is brilliant because it puts the goddesses at the forefront of my day-to-day life in an intentional way that has been very impactful. I am committed to decentering the white gaze and the Black Goddesses help me keep myself centered and break away from the binds of colonialism. " 

I'm Ready To Change My Life!



Get ready to liberate yourself from systemic constraints and reconnect with your spiritual and cultural roots. When you purchase Liberation Alchemy you will have access to all the tools you need to transform your personal and professional life.


Our proven L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E framework provides a step-by-step plan for how to reclaim your power, purpose, and peace, so you'll always hold the keys to your Liberation.


When you join Liberation Alchemy, you get access to: 


  • Onboarding session: A private 1-1 session with Dr G to clarify your goals, challenges, and needs.
  • The L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E. Pilgrimage: Each month, Dr G will be your personal guide during 3 LIVE group sessions during which you will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and wisdom to confidently cross your threshold (recorded for your reference and review).
  • Virtual Threshold Crossing Ritual and Ceremony: The culminating event to your initiatory process with support from your Goddess Sisters will facilitate your transition across the threshold!
  • A Community Of Strong, Soul-Driven professional Black women who are on the same journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • The Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck: Designed to amplify Black Beauty, Black Divinity, and Black Joy, the exquisitely designed 44-Card Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck will activate your historical power. We will use the deck weekly!
  • The Black Goddess Within Quick Start Guide: This quick start guide provides a brief history of tarot and oracle decks, 3 ways to begin to be in relationship with your deck AND provides prompts to launch your journey with the deck.
  • Unlimited Email Access To Dr G throughout the program: You have taken a stand for your life, a life where you live the Goddess out loud! This is not insignificant. You may find yourself in need of unscheduled support, which is just an email away. Emails returned within 48 hours (usually sooner) for the duration of the program.¬†¬†¬†


Early Bird Bonuses (Enroll by May 31, 2024)

  • Altar: Ode To The Threshold -¬† 2 group intensives before the start of program to identify the threshold towards which you are walking and guidance to start constructing an altar to this threshold.
  • Cowrie Shell Divination: Divination is a portal, a way to tap into the wisdom of the ancients and the wisdom that lives in you. Dagara Cowrie Shell Divination offers Clarity, Confirmation and Connection. This is a 60-minute virtual session. You will receive more information about the divination in a separate email.
  • Sacred Essentials Kit: The Black Goddess Within Sacred Essentials Kit has everything you need to create a warm and focused environment for your sacred work. Includes: A 15 oz BGW mug, tea, BGW frankincense and myrrh incense, and a BGW scented candle.¬†¬†


VIP UPGRADE OPTION: In Person Threshold Crossing Ceremony: No transformation is complete without witness. Deepen your experience with an in-person culminating event. With support from your Alchemy Sisters, your transition across the threshold will be witnessed and feted in community.

*Note: travel and lodging are not included.


Our process provides a step-by-step plan for how to deepen intimacy with yourself, your community and your ancestral wisdom, so you'll never wonder what your next move should be.



Don’t miss this very special opportunity to join Liberation Alchemy so you can live a deeply soul-satisfying life. Enroll now and start your journey to empowerment and fulfillment.


Join Now And Redefine Black Excellence
A circular image of a Tanee. A dark skin black woman who is dressed as Egyptian Goddess Ma'at in a white tube style dress posed with her legs out to the side in a plié, her arms out front holding a decorated stick. Her head is pointed slightly down and she is looking up at the viewer, her hair is in locks held back in a red band with tassels coming down the sides and a gold headdress. She is wearing a multi-strand collar style necklace and has blue and red wings behind her. Behind her are two pyramids on either side and a bright blue sky.


‚ÄúI found value in places I wasn‚Äôt looking nor even knew existed.‚ÄĚ

"After working with Dr. G, I began to approach challenges with a different energy…I shifted my focus from outer surroundings towards how to care for my inner well-being first.  Dr. G helped me see options and value in places I wasn’t looking nor even realized existed.  Every conversation has resulted in growth.  If you are looking to take your dreams and plans to the next level, Dr. G and the community of like-hearted women will give you all the support you need to fly!"


I'm All In And Ready To Register!