The background is a closeup photo of a very dark green plant leaf. In front at the top center is an image of a Black persons hands held out toward the viewer together as cupping water. The nails are manicured in a pale pink color. Inside the cupped hands is text that reads Ancestral Alchemy over a silvery swish of paint. Below the hands, the leaf image is much lighter in opacity and over it is text that reads It's Time To Come Home To Yourself. To the lower left is a white and brown speckled cowrie shell at an angle with the opening of the shell facing forward.

Many of us live in a present that is simply the repetition of past humiliations, losses, and traumas. 


This ancestral residue can leave you: 

  • plagued by self-limiting thoughts and behaviors,
  • breaking yourself apart, squirreling pieces away so that you can fit into the box of the moment
  • feeling disconnected from Spirit and your ancestors.


I created Ancestral Alchemy to provide a liberated space in which you can process and repair ancestral ruptures - without guilt or shame. 


It’s time to break free from intergenerational trauma, cultivate a rich inner landscape and be in relationship with Spirit and your ancestors as sources of protection, healing and guidance. 


That's why I invite you to join us on this journey to racial healing and ancestral restoration.



I am ready for my Ancestral Divination!
There is an image of an altar with a nude black woman carving holding a basket above her head with one arm in the center. Behind the figurine is to the left is a wide red candle with a lit wick. Behind that candle is a branch with green leaves. In front of the carving is a dark colored bowl with incense burning, and a pile of small cowrie shells in front of it. There is a large white spotted cowrie shell in front to the left, a cone shaped glass behind it filled with seeds. On the right of the statue is a squared glass of water, with a woven African woven basket with a conical top in front of it and an orange carnelian stone to the right.


What is Ancestral Alchemy?


Ancestral Alchemy is Cowrie Shell Divination! 


It is a journey through a sacred portal for divine conversation between you, your ancestors and Spirit. 


The experience is guided by the ancient technology of Dagara divination, which is brought forth to meet the contemporary challenges of your day-to-day life.


The ancestral messages that come through divination tend to be thick, and our lives are so full, that we offer the option to pair the divination with additional support (details below) to help you integrate the messages and fully reap the benefits of deep ancestral connection. 


A circle photo of a headshot of Angela. A medium dark skin Black woman with her body turned slightly away, looking at the camera and smiling brightly in a deep reddish brown lip color. Her black hair is parted to the side in a wavy and bouncy natural shoulder length style. She is wearing a black and white printed top with a deep v-neck and light cleavage showing. Behind her is bright green shrubbery.


"The divination with Dr G helped me remember why I am here." 

"I came for divination after I had done all my practices and I wasn’t getting results.  I could tell that there was something else going on and I needed  to tap deeply into the other realm.  I chose to work with Dr G because she is empathically gifted and holds you with genuine care and tenderness.  The patterns and symbols in the divination helped me visualize the patterns in my life.  The divination with Dr G helped me remember why I am here."


Yes, please. 


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A photo of a gray river stone sitting atop the center of two circles in a burnt orange calligraphic lines.

What can I expect?


Divination is a portal, a way to tap into the wisdom of the ancients, the same wisdom that lives in you!





  • To¬†connect¬†with your ancestors

  • To¬†remember¬†who you are and what your¬†purpose¬†is

  • To¬†access¬†your collective ancestral wisdom as you navigate traumatic experiences, troubled histories, and feelings of not belonging

  • To¬†be genuinely and exquisitely held¬†by Dr G through the divination process

  • To¬†visualize¬†the patterns of divine inspiration and¬†action¬†in your life

  • To¬†receive¬†spiritual affirmation of your life's blueprint¬†

  • To¬†discover¬†the first steps toward deeper¬†authenticity

  • To¬†differentiate¬†between ego and true ancestral guidance and direction¬†

A bronze textured rock shape is shown partially coming offscreen with half of a black spiral peeking over the top right of it.

What does Ancestral Alchemy include?



AND: you can opt to add-on additional 1-on-1 Support via Voxer or calls.




During your session, we will work together to determine the right query…the question that will invite your ancestors into collaboration. 


  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I best meet the transition that I am in?
  • How do I prepare for what is coming?
  • What messages do the ancestors have for me today?
  • What are my gifts?¬† How shall I share them?


I need Divination in my life!
A textured bronze oval rock shape is visible while partially off screen.
A branch with bright green leaves is coming down at a slight angle from top left to lower righty.

How do I know if I am a good fit for Ancestral Alchemy?


Everyone has Ancestors!
Divination works for anyone who is open to Ancestral messages and willing to make the connection.


Those who have come for Divination with Dr G often say they: 

  • Feel¬†conventional pathways aren‚Äôt getting at the root¬†of the concern/problem
  • Have¬†exhausted other support¬†options
  • Have a sense that¬†something Ancestral is at play
  • Want to¬†deepen their connection¬†with the ancestral plane
  • Are¬†suffering in emotional isolation



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A circle photo headshot of Keith. A Black man with dark skin tone and a shaved head, he is looking at the camera and smiling. He is wearing a gold and black bowtie and tuxedo jacket and is standing in front of a light blue backdrop.


"Dr G is the Real Deal!‚ÄĚ

"I consider myself to be equal parts logical and¬† spiritual.¬† You‚Äôd think that one would be counterproductive and counterintuitive to the other, but they aren‚Äôt, particularly in a reading from Dr. Giavanni Washington.¬† Dr. G‚Äôs concise explanation, and detailed practical advice gave me a sense of spiritual clarity, and intellectual understanding.¬† Her concern for your well being is genuine and comforting.¬† This field of ‚Äúspiritual counseling‚ÄĚ can sometimes give off snake oil, Ms Cleo vibes.¬† This is NOT the case with Dr G.¬† She sincerely cares, and translates her training and gift through this medium.¬† She is the real deal."

A photo of a spiral Ammonite fossil with orange burst lines coming out from behind it on the top left half.

How do I get started Ancestral Alchemy?




There is no waiting for the next cohort to begin! 


Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to prepare yourself for the divination experience. 


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Your Ancestral Alchemist 

Dr. Giavanni Washington


Dr. G is a diviner and intuitive healer who comes from a long line of educators, moonshine makers and medicine women. 


Descended from the Bisa people of Burkina Faso, Dr G was trained in Cowry Shell Divination by Ancestor Malidoma Somé, Dagara shaman also from Burkina Faso.  


Dr G believes that the key to a fulfilled life is "being your nature."  Dr G utilizes divination to help you align to your Ancestral guidance.  She helps you translate your inner mysteries into actionable steps that will help you live authentically.  

A photo of Dr G is in a cut out rock shape overlapped with a dark green rock shape with an orange spiral in between and a small cowrie shell in the lower left front. Dr. G, a black woman, smiling and looking directly at the viewer with her head titled to the side. Her hair is in locs, curled and up to the side, one side of her head is shaved. She is wearing white cowrie shell earrings that dangle on the sides of her neck. She is in front of a dark green hedgerow. She is wearing light makeup and orange traditional African printed tank top dress.
An image of Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck card of Dr. G embodying Goddess Mbokomu. The card shows a Black woman in a long black sleeveless dress that has embroidered flowers and vines all over it. Her arms are outstretched, one up and to the back and the other lowered and to the side in front. Behind her is an enormouse tree trunk with large roots. and vibrant green plant life. At each of her hands is a green cast of magical energy. Standing behind the card is the figure of Dr. G as Goddess Mbokomu with a graphic of a green starburst behind her.

Dr G's Unique Divine Gifts Include:


  • Creating¬†safety

  • ‚ÄčQuickly¬†connecting the invisible dots¬†in copious amounts of data

  • ‚ÄčSupporting¬†the process of becoming whole, of making sound...AND

  • ‚ÄčBringing your various and seemingly discordant gifts, talents, skills, philosophies and spiritualities into that you can live a prosperous life of Ease, Delight and Grace!

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