How One Kayaking Trip Reminded Me Of Cowrie Shell Divination

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Did y'all know that I offer divination from the Dagara tradition? 

After the divination I did yesterday, I realized that I don't talk much about the benefits and process of divination.

So I'm bringing back a story I wrote a while back that delightfully conveys the power and effectiveness of divination. Click the link at the bottom of this email to learn more!

Okay, here's what kayaking taught me about divination:

Nearly a year ago, I spent 2 hours on the water kayaking with my family to celebrate my 12 year old’s birthday. In the low eighties, slightly overcast and cloudy, the weather was perfect for our excursion.

There were varying levels of experience in our party of 6 ranging from first time to well-seasoned.

Assigned to tandem kayaks, the novice among us spent the first 30 minutes or so wrapping our brains around paddling (you have to keep the curved logo side toward you), turning (the process is, in fact, the opposite of my natural inclination), and stopping (slightly more intuitive, just put the paddle straight down in the water and push in the opposite direction in which you are traveling).

Once we got the basics down, we ventured out into the marina among the other kayakers, paddle boarders (including some dogs!), canoes and a multitude of docked boats.  

Since we were in pairs, we assigned tasks to each person: one engine and one conductor. The engine is largely responsible for paddling – one stroke left, one stroke right – to keep the forward motion. The conductor is responsible for steering and making sure that we don’t collide with other vehicles (or seals!) in the water.

Very quickly we learned that in order to reach our destination, we had to communicate with our kayak mate. And to arrive there at speed, we needed true collaboration.

After 75 minutes or so, it was time to head back. But we had to face our final obstacle first: crossing the wide open channel.

About the size of two American football fields, the channel was deeper, had a stronger current, and, most dangerously, the thoroughfare for the big ass yachts and sailboats to travel to or from their slips.    

Did I mention that these big ass boats were moving perpendicularly to our movement?

Each team of kayakers decided who would be the engine and conductor. After quick calculations about the proximity and speed of the other large boats, each team decided when and what route to take across.

Well, we all lived to tell the tale!  

And what I realized, as I watched the other two teams working together to maneuver across the channel safely, is in many ways, divination mimics this dynamic.  

The channel and all of its constantly changing obstacles are life. You are the engine, full of productive energy. And divination is the person steering, helping you to meet challenges, avoid obstacles, and increase flow and speed when necessary.

If you find yourself:

- plagued by self-limiting thoughts and behaviors

- breaking yourself apart, squirreling pieces away so that you can fit into the box of the moment

- feeling disconnected from Spirit and your ancestors

- at a crossroads and unsure in which direction to go

- have exhausted other support options, or

- are suffering in emotional isolation

Then it's time for a divination! I've opened up 10 divination spots over the next two weeks for those who are ready to move across the channel without encumbrance.   Click here to learn more.

See you on the divination mat!


Dr G!

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