Racism In Education Will Make You Angry

anti-black racism racism in education summit Sep 11, 2023

Today, I'm going to pull back the curtain on why I'm raising funds through the Black Goddess: Liberated summit to disrupt racism in public education. Racism in Education Will Make You Angry, it makes me angry, and allow me to share what had happened to me in high school.


In my 11th grade Honors English class, we were assigned The Crucible, a four-act play by Arthur Miller. Long considered a classic of American Literature, The Crucible is a fictionalized version of the Salem Witch Trials. It is set in the 1692 Puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts.  


If you haven’t read it (or don’t remember it), The Crucible is the story of false accusations, trials and hysteria with a sprinkle of racism thrown in for good measure.


One day in class, our teacher assigned us parts to read out loud.


There are many protagonists in the play, but only one — Tituba — is Black.


And only one — Tituba — is enslaved.


Guess which part my teacher asked me, one of only two Black girls in the class, to read?


Back then, I didn’t have the words or the worldly understanding to identify this episode as a racist encounter, let alone advocate for myself, but something in me knew it was wrong.


"Gia," she began," will you read the part of Tituba?" I respectfully declined.


The teacher asked me again to read the part of the "slave woman," and again with a tear welling, I declined.


After refusing her third request, the teacher focused her attention on the other Black girl, who also refused to read the part.


You could feel some tension build up in the room. The other kids, many of whom were friends I’d known since first grade, couldn’t meet my eye.


No one said anything.


My memory of what happened next is a bit blurry, but the principal’s office was involved, my mother had to come to school and I barely squeaked out of that semester with a "B" and an unsatisfactory work habits grade.


For a university-bound, self-described nerd, I was devastated by this less than stellar showing in a class critical for college entrance.


→ I was embarrassed that I was singled out for my Black body.  

→ I blamed myself for the encounter.  

→ And the worst part is that I developed a crippling hatred for reading and writing that would take decades to unravel.


Joining The Black Goddess: Liberated is free, and you can upgrade to the All Access Pass with all proceeds will be donated to Teacher Village…


An organization committed to developing Black male teachers to address the academic achievement, social emotional learning and mental health needs of Black students in public education.


Here’s where you come in:

During The Black Goddess: Liberated, you get access to the interviews for free BUT you also get the chance to upgrade to The Black Goddess: Liberated All Access Pass.

...with every single penny being donated to disrupting the long history of anti-Black racism that has contributed to disproportionately poor academic outcomes for Black students.  


Click to chart your own unique course to liberation and improve public education!

I appreciate your support.





P.S. Perhaps Marian Wright Edelman said it best:

"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."

Your support helps the Black students get well-qualified, innovative teachers who look like them, contributing to better academic and social emotional outcomes and you get The Black Goddess: LiberatedAll Access Pass, which includes:

⭐️Lifetime access to every single interview: wisdom and guidance to help you create your own unique course to Liberation.

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⭐️LIVE BONUS Call with ME: ask me all your questions about the Black Goddesses and how to map your own Liberation.

Once the event starts on April 10, 2023, the package will be $57.

For now, it’s just $27 - you save $30!

Sign up and upgrade...Your give back starts here.


PS - Picture from Nappy.co

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