My Amazing Goddess Activation Experience: Sometimes You Have To Go All In!

goddess activation river rafting water goddesses Sep 05, 2023

Last week I told you about my sojourn on the mighty Nile river.


Today, I have one more lesson from the river to share with you...


My love affair with rafting started in high school when my dad took my brother and me on our first adventure on the Kern river near Bakersfield, California.

The crystal clear sky was mirrored by the deep azure of the river, which was occasionally capped by white as the water roiled over rocks. The river meandered through a valley that was flanked by lush and gently sloping hills.


As we went down the river, the crisp air kissed our faces and filled our lungs. We could hear the birds chirping and see fish just under the surface.


We were only a short two hour drive from our Los Angeles home, but in a completely different world — I was hooked!


For my 18th birthday my parents gifted me a three week trip with Outward Bound, the premier provider of experience-based outdoor learning & leadership programs for youth & adults.


I spent 21 days in the Cascades, river rafting and mountaineering (read: hiking with a 70 lb pack) in the Three Sisters.


And though we didn’t bathe for 21 days — you stop smelling yourself after a few days — the trip was mind-blowing.


From learning how to make chicken soup with canned chicken and bickies (pilot biscuits) over an open fire, to digging a hole for your poop, to spending 3 days alone during a character-building solo, and of course all the juiciness of being with the same 15 people for 3 weeks (I LOVE group dynamics!).


On the very first day of this trip, before loading ourselves and our gear in the boats, the lead instructor, Mike, was reviewing safety guidelines with us.


He walked us up a hill, about 100 feet from where we would put in. We were now about 30 feet above the river. I don’t remember now what exactly Mike was explaining, but something came over me and I took off, ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped.


I was pulled out many yards down the river and Mike. Was. Pissed.


And even though I didn’t know I wasn’t ever in any danger, something in me wanted to fly and needed to be in that water.


While jumping into the river was ultimately a part of the lesson, I jumped in before having all of the instructions.


Because sometimes…you have to go all in.


I see you all, out there clicking but not jumping in to FLOW, the Goddess Activation.  And I'm calling you out!


Jumping in the water on day one was me completely immersing myself and committing to the experience. Because there are points in your spiritual or ancestral journey when the impulses or urgencies don’t make linear sense.


The good growth and juiciness happen after you jump.


Today is a good day to answer the call! (Shh!!! The early pricing is still up AND there is now a 2-pay option available.)

If you're ready to dive in with FLOW, click here.


What happened last time you went all in?




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