Behind The Scenes With Oracle Deck Cards That You Will LOVE

behind the scenes black goddess oracle decks Sep 11, 2023

On a recent road trip my family, we drove to northern California for a graduation.

We traveled north on Interstate 5. As we dropped out of the mountains and down into what is known here as the Grapevine, I could see out in the distance maybe 10 miles of road. 


It just went on Forever.


And it hit me that what I was seeing was a perfect metaphor for where I am right now with the Oracle deck.


If you're new here, the next Black Goddess Within Oracle deck is being released by Hay House on December 12th of this year.


The deck is 44 full-color cards featuring photographs of real Black women meeting Goddesses from Africa.  Creating this deck has been a labor of love that started back in November 2021.


We are *almost* at the finish line!


And you know what I realized?  


I'm not sure I have enough resource to make it the end of the journey!

There are A LOT of things that happen between now and then. We're in the process of mapping it all out, but at this moment the team is just my Magic Maker, Tanee (who some of you may know) and me!   


We are bringing in some operations, strategy and public relations support to make sure the deck will be a best seller when it's finally published and to make sure that it gets the international acclaim that it deserves!  


Intellectually, I understand all of this, but when we came off that mountain and could see road FOR MILES, all the doubt gremlins just kicked off!  


So, I've made the decision to try to enjoy this process as much as possible and infuse FUN and JOY into every step.


I want to arrive with a full tank, I am consciously choosing to leave "depleted" behind.

Earlier this week I went live on the socials to share my thoughts on perspective and to invite you all in to accompany me on the ride.


I'm doing a series of short lives to keep you updated on the deck's progress. 


I will  

→ introduce you to some of the women who helped to co-create the deck  

→ pull back the curtain on *just* how we made the deck, and  

→ we will dive into why this deck is so important and how it brings healing


...and more!


Join me on your favorite social platform: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Linkedin and let's party all the way across this threshold and birth this deck into the world in style!


Dr G!


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